Colwick Sidings / Netherfield Marshalling Yard

The substantial volume of coal traffic generated by railway developments led GNR to construct a locomotive maintenance depot and marshalling yards at Colwick in 1875. The sidings, sheds, and workshops on the site were continually expanded during the following 50 years. LNWR built its own shed and housing after 1881. Colwick yards and engine sheds closed in 1970 and the site has since been cleared for redevelopment.

A few facts

  • The yard held over 1,000 wagons
  • Housed up to 400 locomotives
  • It was one of the largest in the UK
  • Coal was the main freight to pass through the yard from the Nottinghamshire/Derbyshire coalfields, ready to be taken to London
  • Almost straightaway the yard was handling over 900,000 tons of coal each year.
  • Much of Netherfield was constructed to house the railway workers
  • A thick yellow smog (mist mixed with engine smoke) frequently blanketed local houses
  • By 1954, 100,000 wagons were handled each month; this then declined and after the closure of Mapperley tunnel (1960) the number halved.
  • The yard played a major role in supporting the armed forces during WWII